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Reduce the time and cost of hiring.


Manage Agencies

  • Consolidate current agency vendors onto a single platform.
  • Direct soliciting agencies to your career page for RecruitiFi to vet and onboard.
  • Leverage RecruitiFi’s vast Community of expert agencies.

Assign Jobs

  • Match automatically to the best agencies to fill any role, anywhere.
  • Save time assigning jobs and hassle distributing requisition information.
  • Control who sees and works on each role.
Assign Agencies
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Communicate with Agencies

  • Notify agencies automatically as candidates move through the hiring process.
  • Score, align and focus agencies on delivering top candidates.
  • Save time addressing multiple questions in a single communication.

Better Hires

  • See only highly qualified candidates who have confirmed their interest in the role.
  • Enjoy an easy, integrated workflow to administer applicants and make hires.
  • Manage all invoices, payouts and reporting on a single elegant platform.


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The Most Efficient Way to Hire

Consolidate vendors and processes, while expanding your pool of talent from vetted and scored expert agency recruiters.

Agency Management

Agency Management

Working with recruiting agencies is a challenge. Agencies often look and sound the same. How can you really tell which ones are good? After vetting them, you still need to negotiate a contract, get them through procurement and set up as an approved vendor.

Even then, you really have little more than anecdotal evidence that they’re best qualified to fill your roles. When they make placements, you get a different invoice from every agency, with different payment terms and often with no billing codes.

RecruitiFi simplifies the entire process. First, RecruitiFi vets all soliciting agencies and only admits the very best into the Community. All companies and agencies are governed by a single set of online terms. This entirely eliminates your work sourcing and vetting agencies, and it eliminates the need to negotiate fees and the hassle of going through procurement.

All billing and payouts are administered by RecruitiFi, as the single vendor, in a clear and uniform manner. Most importantly, for each specific role, the RecruitiFi scoring algorithm ensures you are matched to the very best few agencies to fill any open role.

Expanded Reach

Expanded Reach

Your sourcing techniques likely include employee referrals, attracting applicants with the company’s career page, searching business networks and posting to niche job boards. While these strategies can work well, it is a lot of work and you often end up seeing the same pool of active candidates with similar backgrounds. This limits the quality and diversity of your workforce.

Furthermore, often you need to fill niche hard-to-fill roles, or roles in entirely new geographic areas where your company is not well known and where your team has little or no experience.

RecruitiFi’s community provides an on-demand group of scored and vetted agency recruiters that can provide coverage for any role, in any geography. These experts are highly focused on specific roles. As such, they are subject matter experts, who develop a robust and specialized network of relevant candidates, which provides you with new talent pools and a more diverse set of applicants.

Using RecruitiFi’s Smart VMS technology, you can rest assured that the right agency recruiters are working on each and every open position you post, regardless of the role or geography.

Efficient Communications

Efficient Communications

Talent Acquisition professionals usually like to have a few great agencies working on a requisition, where each is aligned and all have the same information about the role, the opportunity, and the company.

However, managing and communicating with multiple recruiting agencies is difficult and time-consuming. It typically involves multiple intake calls and ongoing calls and email chains. It is literally like herding cats.

RecruitiFi’s streamlined workflow and robust communication features consolidate and simplify all agency communications. You can eliminate most intake calls by using RecruitiFi’s unique JobCast form, which provides the information to your agencies need to fill the role. If there’s an update to the job requisition, there’s no need for dozens of calls and emails, just send a single announcement through the platform.

Organizing and eliminating unnecessary back and forth communication in the agency process, allows you to have an easier and more effective outreach to the right agencies, and ultimately gets you higher quality candidates faster.

Streamlined Finances

Streamlined Finances

Your CFO wants to minimize vendors for good reason. Engaging with new agencies means your Finance Department will get new bills, with varying terms. Bills are often not coded for cost centers, requiring an unnecessary bureaucracy to ensure the proper departmental budgets are being used.

Refunds further complicate matters when candidates fail to meet the guarantee period. Agencies promise to backfill the position, but with your money already in their pocket, they have little motivation. Getting a refund or a backfilled candidate is a huge headache.

Utilizing RecruitiFi as your Smart VMS consolidates all of your recruiting agencies under a single billing vendor with standardized terms and pre-coded invoices. RecruitiFi also acts as an escrow service until the guarantee period is complete, providing easy and instant refunds.

If the candidate leaves during the guarantee period, simply click refund, the fee will be wired back and you are done. There is no need to contact us or the agency.

Vetted Candidates

Vetted Candidates

The best candidates for your role are typically passive candidates who work in a similar position at another company, who are not aware of your opportunity. Getting their attention and interest is a huge challenge that takes a specialized network and unique skill set.

Meanwhile, your company’s career page and outside job postings are largely attracting the same group of candidates who are actively pursuing your roles but often lack the proper qualifications. This creates lots of work for you, caps your quality and limits your diversity.

With RecruitiFi, you enable a group of expert focused agencies to seek out passive candidates, thoroughly vet them, and then sell them on your job opportunity. Each agency submissions always includes a complete candidate profile and a detailed writeup on how the candidate fits the job requirements.

Every candidate confirms their interest in the position, indicates their salary expectations and answers your custom screening questions. RecruitiFi will simply get you the best quality candidates for any role in the fastest time. Furthermore, the streamlined and efficient workflow of the platform will save you a lot of time and make your life easier.

Compress Time-to-hire

Compress Time-to-hire

Reducing your time-to-hire is a critical strategic imperative. Time is money, and unfilled positions are costing you and your company a lot. Every position that is filled with the right employee helps your company do what it does best. This generates more business, more revenue, and more efficiencies. Vacant positions put a strain on other employees.

Compressing your time-to-hire also reduces the chance of losing top talent that is considering a move to other opportunities. In fact, long time-to-hire metrics require you and your talent acquisition team to spend more time and money searching for candidates.

RecruitiFi reduces time-to-hire by precisely matching your open jobs to the right expert agency who knows the best candidates for that role. Furthermore, the platform eliminates an enormous amount of your administrative work and enables you to work more efficiently with your agencies.

The RecruitiFi Community also expands your recruiting reach into new pools of talent, bringing in qualified candidates twice as fast as you’re used to. With rapid time-to-introductions, our clients reduce their overall time-to-hire by over seven days.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Most every company wants to reduce its use of third-party recruiting agencies and lower the cost-to-hire. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find every candidate through internal means. Sometimes there are just too many open roles, sometimes they are niche and hard to fill and sometimes they are in a new geography, and these are times good agencies can help.

Of course, budgets won’t allow for unlimited agency spend, so you’re forced to pick and choose which critical roles will be sent out to external agencies, and which ones will stay unfilled for months at a time.

With RecruitiFi, the choice becomes a lot easier. With the RecruitiFi Community filling half of your roles at a discounted rate, your company will save thousands or more on each hire. Many of our clients are saving over a million dollars each year.

Regardless of how many agency hires your company makes, using RecruitiFi doesn’t cost money--it saves you money!

Control and Visibility

Control and Visibility

You can’t improve upon a process that you can’t see and measure. Agencies are hard to control, and it’s difficult to assess their quality and full cost.

You never really know if you have the best agencies, hiring managers often go rogue and work directly with agencies, and this cost can be buried in a departmental budget.

Centralizing all third-party agency hiring through RecruitiFi provides their organization with true visibility. With all agency activity on a single platform, you will have tools and data to gain control and drive huge efficiencies.

Furthermore, with RecruitiFi you will see requisitions before they are assigned to agencies--giving you a chance to fill them directly and save money. You will have robust real-time reports putting every critical hiring metric on your dashboard, which enable you to be more efficient and deliver significant savings.


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