Expand yourhiring capacity

Improve your quality of hire, increase diversity, and make hires faster, all while reducing your agency costs. Watch this video and see why thousands of the world's top companies from the Fortune 500 to the hottest startups are using RecruitiFi to transform the way they balance their recruiting workload.

Optimize your Talent Acquisition workflow

No matter the position, RecruitiFi's community of expert agencies provides qualified candidates in every industry and every major economy in the world. Streamline your agency workflow, reduce your third party spend, and make your internal team more efficient by outsourcing the most time consuming searches.

"RecruitiFi helped me organize and optimize my entire TA effort. Outsourcing all of our hard-to-fill roles which made the entire TA team more efficient. I've relied on them at different companies across different industries with great success. It is an absolute no-brainer to implement RecruitiFi at any company."

Director, Global Talent Acquisition

The benefits are clear

Access on-demand hiring capacity

Overwhelming requisition loads leave talent acquisition teams scrambling to keep up. With RecruitiFi, you have flexibility to instantly expand or contract your hiring capacity. Learn More.

Improve your talent and your bottom line

RecruitiFi provides visibility into your company's true spend, while reducing your agency fees through competitive RecrutiFi community rates. Learn More.

Get better talent faster

Your job is matched to specialized agency recruiters with expert knowledge around your exact role. Recruiters compete to bring you top candidates, decreasing time-to-hire and improving quality. Learn More.

Save time and effort

Your talent acquisition team most of their time on a few of the most difficult to fill roles. By outsourcing those roles to RecruitiFi, your team will be much more efficient, and all your KPIs will improve. Learn More.

Diversity by design

Expand into new pools of diverse talent through specialized diversity-focused agencies. Enjoy the benefits working with a marketplace of certified minority, women, and veteran-owned vendors. Learn More.

Increased reach at home and abroad

Opening up a new office? Do you have recruiters there? RecruitiFi does. How about overseas? RecruitiFi's global recruiting reach provides immediate hiring expertise in all 50 states and 70+ countries. Learn More.

“RecruitiFi enables us to leverage expert search firms across all the roles we need help, and it finds us the very best talent.

It's easy. You cast out what position you are looking to fill and within days you're getting qualified candidates back. So it changes up the traditional process of working with agencies and makes it really simple and much more effective.”


Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Staffing

Memorial Hermann Health System

How RecruitiFi works

Vendor Consolidation

Consolidate your agencies onto a single platform, with a single set of terms, resulting in a single vendor for billing and streamlined communications. Learn More.

Recruiting Agency Marketplace

With 20,000+ specialized agency recruiters, you have instant capacity to quickly fill any of your roles at competitive rates. Learn More.

Data-Driven Matching

RecruitiFi's algorithm matches your role to the best agency recruiters based on specialization and prior performance. Learn More.

Efficient Workflow

RecrutiFi's communication tools eliminate emails, spreadsheets, texting, calls, and other inefficient ways of managing recruiters. Learn More.

Scoring and Reporting

Access real-time reports to gain visibility into hiring metrics, spend, candidate feedback, and the performance of your agencies. Learn More.

Eliminate Soliciting Agency Hassles

RecruitiFi vets new agencies, bringing on only the best and eliminating distraction for your team and preventing rogue hires. Learn More.

RecruitiFi doesn't cost money, it saves money

RecruitiFi is 100% guaranteed to deliver savings. There are no setup fees or seat licenses, and you only pay a placement fee when you make a hire.

RecruitiFi delivers significant savings on multiple fronts. You'll see reduced agency fees through the RecruitiFi community, a reduction in soft costs by saving hours of time for your team, and a reduced cost of vacancy as you fill roles faster.

Use our savings calculator to see how RecruitiFi saves our clients money every day!

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“RecruitiFi is a beautiful platform. I don't have to have a single agency contract because we contract with RecruitiFi, and once the agency vendors sign on to RecruitiFi, that's their contract, which is standardized terms and conditions for all parties.

Prior to RecruitiFi, we didn't have line of sight to our true agency spend. Now, if one of our executives asks what their spend is on third parties, I can just go to the platform or run a real time report. I am more than a fan of RecruitiFi, it helped me be successful at my job.”

Head of Global Talent Acquisition

See why the world's most successful TA teams use RecruitiFi to become more efficient.