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RecruitiFi is the ultimate hiring capacity release valve to enable your team to fill more requisitions in a faster, more efficient, and more cost effective manner. RecruitiFi's elegant on-demand solution transforms agency hiring from a liability into an asset.

The best place for direct placements

Consolidating your current third party agency contracts, billing, and communications into a single platform, RecruitiFi streamlines your external workflow seamlessly into your inhouse recruiting process.

RecruitiFi's community of expert recruiters, who hail from a combination of premier global and local boutique search firms, bring you top vetted talent at below-market fees. With in-depth real-time reporting, you finally have visibility into organization-wide third party spend, allowing you to manage and control it to reduce recruiting costs.

Whether you use agency recruiters or not, without RecruitiFi you're leaving time, money, and talent on the table. Your entire organization will benefit from streamlined workflows and reduced costs.

Get better talent faster and at a lower cost

RecruitiFi is hands down the fastest solution to hire top talent. Time is money and RecruitiFi is guaranteed to save your organization both.

How is that possible? We add your existing agencies onto the platform at their current fees, and if they make a hire, you pay that fee with zero markup. RecruitiFi takes only a small administrative fee from the agency.

Your current agencies will compete on roles with a selection of specialized firms from the RecruitiFi community. If a community agency makes the hire (and they do almost half the time), you're charged a below-market rate, which translates to thousands in savings per hire.

In exchange, your current agencies get incredible value from the platform, and will be thanking you for adopting RecruitiFi. Every day, recruiters are referring their other clients to join RecruitiFi.

Expand your reach

Expanding your recruiting reach is the best way to combat the tightening labor market. With inbound candidate applications decreasing every year, active sourcing is the only way to fill your roles with a reasonable time to hire. Supplementing your inbound candidate sources with third party agency recruiting, not only guarantees fast, quality hires, it also makes your own team's sourcing efforts more efficient, as they can focus more on a reasonable requisition load.

Additionally, every search firm brings unique connections, capabilities, and access to talent sources. Working with agencies from the community brings you new pools of diverse talent that would not have normally applied.

RecruitiFi will reduce your third party spend, while giving you incredibly fast access to top talent that you wouldn't have otherwise found.

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