The pro cure for procurement

Negotiating agency contracts and getting new agency vendors approved is a time consuming ordeal. With RecruitiFi this process is entirely eliminated making your life easier and speeding up your time to hire.

One and done

When you activate RecruitiFi, your legal and procurement teams approve our terms once, and then never have to worry about negotiating an agency contract ever again. RecruitiFi becomes your sole vendor from a legal and billing perspective. You keep the agency relationship, and you control the fee, but the agency is technically a subvendor through RecruitiFi.

Adding new agencies is no longer a multi-month, back and forth process. You can then simply add or remove agencies with a click of a button. These agencies accept RecruitiFi's Terms, making their life easier, so they can then immediately work on your open roles.

Comprehensive and compliant

RecruitiFi's universal set of terms has been reviewed and agreed to by the legal departments of tens of thousands of companies, from Fortune 100 employers to boutique agency firms. Your legal team gains peace of mind in knowing that great minds from all over the industry have reviewed the language to ensure that RecruitiFi has the most thoroughly vetted, most up-to-date, and most legally compliant set of terms in the industry.

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