Earn more, work less

RecruitiFi eliminates the challenge of business development, allowing you to make placements at top companies with half the effort. Whether you want to supplement your existing client list, or build an entirely new book of business, RecruitiFi gives you the tools to succeed in recruiting.

A better way to place candidates

Access jobs that match your expertise based on role, industry, and location with no sales and business development effort. Simply source great candidates and submit them to top companies. All communication, status updates, and payouts are done seamlessly through the platform, giving you a streamlined way to run your recruiting business.

"My agency has been with RecruitiFi since late 2015. I absolutely love the platform. RecruitiFi is light years ahead of their competitors in terms of efficiency and ease of use. As a small agency, I don't have a large business development budget, but RecruitiFi levels the playing field, connecting us to clients not only in the US, but globally."

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The benefits are clear

Expand your business

RecruitiFi works with a diverse group of employers in numerous industries and locations all over the world, and now you can have access to those hiring opportunities without any sales effort.

Favorable terms

RecruitiFi has collectively bargained a fair set of terms that is favorable to all parties. Avoid legal and procurement roadblocks, while getting the most fair ownership and guarantee periods on the market.

Monetize your inventory

Every recruiter works hard sourcing, vetting, and prepping candidates for roles, but even a great candidate can end up a silver medalist. Your chance to find them another great fit is critical to getting a placement, and RecruitiFi gives you that opportunity.

Streamlined workflow and communications

Stop chasing status updates on your candidates. Automatic updates keep you informed, and employers are scored on their responsiveness to your communications.

Billing and payouts

As an individual agency, collections from a Fortune 500 client can be a challenge. RecruitiFi has the benefit of being the vendor on behalf of all agency hiring, and is able to work directly with Accounts Payable to expedite collections.

Backdoor hire monitoring

Do you always know when your candidate ends up getting hired 5 months down the line for a different role at the same company? RecruitiFi does, and we'll make sure you're not leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

RecruitiFi makes us perform at the top of our game. RecruitiFi streamlined our client communications, making us more efficient. The platform has improved and strengthened our client interactions and relationships by giving us a clear understanding of all aspects of the open requisitions and real-time candidate updates.



How RecruitiFi works

Roles released by employers

Employers create descriptive JobCasts, complete with all the information you need to start an effective agency search

Agency matching with roles

You're matched to relevant JobCasts based on your expertise or you can seek out roles that fit your criteria

Candidate submissions

Source and submit top candidates, securing ownership with that employer

Communication and visibility

Employers move candidates through the process, providing mandatory feedback and status updates so you never end up lost in the dreaded candidate black hole

Make hires!

When your candidate gets hired, RecruitiFi collects and wires the money directly to your bank account

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“It's been very enjoyable working with RecruitiFi over the years. Together we have placed many people, and I see both of our firms continuing to prosper in the future. I especially like the technical progress they have made on the platform. They are always pinging users like me for ideas on how to grow our mutual business. Our firm has gained excellent exposure to clients within our discipline and have created strong client relationships thanks to RecruitiFi.”

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