Your contingency plan for your contingent workforce

RecruitiFi delivers a single, elegant platform to manage your external workforce. Whether you're looking to simplify your processes, save money, gain visibility, maintain compliance, or expand your talent pool, RecruitiFi is your solution.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

If you're working with staffing firms to supply your contingent workforce, then you understand the needless complexities that plague the industry: limited visibility into your current contractors, tracking and approving hours in multiple systems, vendors with different billing terms, and an ever-evolving regulatory landscape that differs in each state. You need an entire workforce to manage your workforce.

RecruitiFi simplifies the entire process by providing a single platform to manage all your contingent hiring. Review new temp staff resources, and access information on your current external resources in one location. Consolidate all your contingent workforce contracts, review and approve hours, get notifications that assist in compliance, outsource all payouts, and manage your staffing firms all in one streamlined system.

Visibility into a complex process

RecruitiFi provides visibility into your entire workforce. Overbilling and never-ending contracts are now a thing of the past.

With notifications providing insight into sunsetting contracts, you'll never have to worry about whether you have a temp contractor straddling the line of co-employment for years at a time. Renew, terminate, or convert contracts keeping your company in compliance with local labor laws.

A single location for contracts, hour collection, and invoicing, gives your team full insight and control over what spend is being approved, and the contractor it's being approved against. Eliminate overbilling for phantom resources that have long since completed their assignments, but continue to slip through a disorganized approval and invoicing process.

RecruitiFi ensures that only active resources are being paid, and only for the agreed upon contract length.

Cost savings abound

RecruitiFi's contract workforce management platform delivers cost savings to your company from every angle.

Visibility prevents overbilling and run-on contracts. Streamlined requisition, timesheet approval, invoicing, and payment processes save countless hours for your TA team, your hiring managers, and your accounts payable department.

Plus, RecruitiFi has a built-in community of top vetted staffing firms ready to provide qualified contractors at competitive bill rates. The best way to bring your costs down is to diversify your suppliers and select candidates that provide the best skillset as well as the best value.

RecruitiFi's VMS not only helps you organize your processes and get more out of your existing staffing vendors, the RecruitiFi community of agencies increases your reach and diversity while lowering costs.

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