Are the administrative hassles of dealing with agencies bogging you down?

Billing and refunds and vendor setup, oh my! There can be a lot of administrative hassles with agencies, but with RecruitiFi that friction just goes away. Managing agencies has never been easier.

Make the hires, skip the hassle

Managing agencies is a big administrative hassle. Setting them up as a vendor with unique payment terms, ensuring bills are coded correctly and sent to the right cost centers, dealing with periodic reviews to refresh approved vendors—the list goes on.

RecruitiFi completely eliminates all these recruiting hassles. You have one vendor, so payment terms never vary. The platform contains all the info for your cost centers, so when a hire is marked, the billing always goes to the right members of your team for approval and payment. And you can forget about vendor reviews. Agencies are being scored based on their effectiveness and candidate experience, meaning you can throw away the spreadsheets and skip the quarterly meetings.

Our guarantees are guaranteed

If you've worked with agencies, you're familiar with the issues around guarantee failures—where a new employee leaves before the guarantee period is up. The dance usually goes something like this…

You ask for a refund. The agency says they will refill the position, but they have very little motivation because they already have your money. Worse yet, the agency stalls for months, your position goes unfilled in the meantime, and when you demand a refund, you find that the refund is contractually prorated, and you only get 30% of your money back. Even worse, neither side wants to deal with the hassle of a refund, so it's decided that the payment will be assessed as a credit on future hires. So, now you're roped into working with an unmotivated agency again.

With RecruitiFi guarantee failures are resolved with one click of a button. If a candidate leaves during the guarantee period you simply mark it in the system, and you are instantly refunded 100% of the fee paid with no discussion needed. You can then click another button to resend the job, and all the agencies are still motivated because nobody has been paid.

Industry leading service

With your current recruiting agencies, where do you go when there's a problem? If you have hundreds of agencies, that means hundreds of points of contact, all of whom are constantly leaving their jobs for other agencies. And all of them are obviously biased towards doing whatever is best for their company. RecruitiFi provides one consistent point of service. We provide 24-hour coverage for all your offices around the globe, and our response times are in the top 1% of all online service providers. And because we are a neutral platform, our solutions don't choose sides. We're simply interested in solving your problems the right way and doing it quickly.

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