Communicating with agencies can be like herding cats

Agencies are constantly looking for updates, and they may be reaching out to multiple members of your team to get answers. RecruitiFi consolidates, simplifies, and organizes your communication. More importantly, automatic status updates and dashboards designed for transparency eliminate questions before they're asked.

Centralize the conversation

RecruitiFi improves communication throughout the agency hiring process by providing a powerful centralized platform for all interactions. You'll never have to worry about fielding calls and emails only to find out the agency has been communicating directly with the hiring manager. All communications flow through a single portal. Inline chats follow the role, agency, and candidate, so relevant conversations are always in front of you. RecruitiFi eliminates the need for the disorganized spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls that many associate with the agency process.

Less talk, more results

On RecruitiFi, It's the messages you don't send that really save you time. Automated workflows and transparent dashboards communicate important information to the agencies. Whether it's the invitation for the agencies to work on roles or updating the recruiter on the status of their candidate, this information is communicated automatically, eliminating the need for impromptu phone calls and repeated emails. You'll never have to answer another agency asking, “What's going on with my candidate?” They'll already know.

Real time candidate feedback also dramatically improves results. Agencies can quickly shift their search based on disposition feedback to find you the exact candidate you're looking for, leading to an increased quality of candidate and a decreased time to hire.

Communicate more with less effort

RecruitiFi enables you to easily make announcements to keep multiple agencies informed of updates or changes in the requisition with a single outreach. Good agencies will always want to clarify certain aspects of the role. If one agency has questions, there's a good chance they all have that question. Make your answers visible to everyone working on the role to save time and give the agencies a better understanding of the requirements, improving your results across the board.

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