Robust vendor management. Top tier candidates.

RecruitiFi allows you to comprehensively manage every aspect of the agency hiring process to generate an influx of qualified candidates for your most challenging positions.

Consolidation is at our core

From a business administration perspective, it's always better to have one vendor than to have dozens or hundreds. With a single vendor, you benefit by having one contract, billing from a single source, a unified workflow, and a single point of contact for customer service.

However, having multiple vendors competing to provide talent can have great benefits on the recruiting end.

RecruitiFi provides the best of both worlds, bringing all the coverage from a wide swath of sub-vendors and consolidating them under a single vendor for a streamlined workflow.

Your vendors, all on one platform

The vendor consolidation process is quick and easy. Supply us with a list of your current agencies. Whether it's three agencies or three hundred, RecruitiFi does all the work to invite and onboard everyone.

There's no need to cancel or modify any of your existing agency contracts. When the agencies join RecruitiFi they agree to our single set of online terms, which supersede any prior contracts.

Within a few days clients typically have all their agencies consolidated to a single platform with a set of terms and a single vendor: RecruitiFi.

One platform, many benefits

Consolidating vendors provides a positive impact across your entire organization. Your TA team, hiring managers, legal, procurement, and accounts payable team will save time and effort. Even your agencies will be thanking you for implementing RecruitiFi!

Agency assignment, communications, candidate profiles, and reporting are all in one convenient place, streamlining the third party process for your Talent Acquisition team. Consolidated billing with a single set of payment terms will make your accounts payable team jump for joy. With RecruitiFi in place, all agencies become our subvendors, so your procurement and legal will never have to read another recruiting contract again. Hiring managers gain access to complete profiles on top talent quickly. Agencies also love being kept in the loop through automatic candidate updates and inline communication tools.

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