Outsource hard-to-fill roles and improve your entire TA process

The 80/20 rule applies to recruiting. Talent Acquisition teams typically spend 80% of their time and effort on the 20% hardest-to-fill roles. Outsourcing some of those roles allows your team to focus their efforts more efficiently and make more hires.

Clean out your aging requisitions

One of our clients jokingly said, “Before I started using RecruitiFi, I had requisitions that were so old, they were celebrating birthdays! But now that's a problem of the past.”

We've all seen it. The requisition that just won't go away. But every month, your team continues to spend time, effort, and budget to make some headway. Worse yet, many of those roles will eventually be outsourced to agencies anyway. Even then, many companies will continue to have their TA team source for the role and compete against the agency. Talk about inefficiency! This vicious cycle is only losing your company time and money, ruining your hiring metrics, and leaving your hiring managers frustrated.

Divide and conquer

Increasingly companies are adopting a best practice known as “divide and conquer.” Implementing a divide and conquer strategy means you realistically evaluate and determine the difficulty-to-fill of each new job up front. The goal is to immediately outsource the hardest 5,10, 15 or even 20% of the hardest to fill roles to agencies through RecruitiFi. With these roles no longer acting as a resource drain, you'll find that each member of your TA team can now successfully take on a larger req load and make more hires than they ever have.

The numbers don't lie

By outsourcing these hard-to-fill roles up front, you'll not only fill them faster, you'll fill all of your roles faster. This improves every one of your KPIs—time to hire, cost of hire—even the ones you're not tracking. Soft costs like the cost of vacancy often get overlooked, but they're absolutely critical to your bottom line. With revenue generating roles sitting vacant, there's no debating that your company's income suffers. Vacancy has also been proven to compound into more vacancy by reducing retention of your existing employees. With your current staff members having to pull double-duty to cover the workload left by vacant roles, companies see decreased employee satisfaction, higher turnover rates, and more requisitions to add to TA's already insurmountable load. The bottom line is that outsourcing your hard-to-fill roles improves your bottom line.

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