Can you provide instant reporting on all your agency activity?

If your boss walked into your office and asked for a detailed report on every aspect of your agency hiring could you immediately provide it?

Reduce spend, become a hero

Oftentimes, Talent Acquisition is tasked with reducing agency spend, but do you even have visibility into your spend? In most companies agency spend comes from the budgets of individual divisions, making it difficult for Talent Acquisition to drill down into those exact numbers. Not to mention hiring managers will often go rogue and engage with agencies without going through TA. You can't control what you can't see.

With RecruitiFi you have instant access to real-time reports on hundreds of hiring metrics. That includes detailed data on your true organizational spend across all divisions on one simple dashboard.

Shine a light in the dark

As the sole agency vendor set up in your accounts payable, RecruitiFi eliminates rogue agency spend. Any attempts by hiring managers to go rogue and pay an agency without the knowledge of Talent Acquisition will be redirected to be billed through RecruitiFi. This eliminates future rogue actions, as the hiring manager and the agency are now both aware of the proper process.

The best part is that it allows senior Talent Acquisition managers visibility into the roles that their team never gets a chance to see. Clients often say that this has allowed them to see how many times hiring managers were going to agencies for roles that could have easily been filled by the talent acquisition team, allowing them to in-house those roles in the future and save hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

The best coaches use data

Do you know how many agencies you have? Do you know precisely how they are performing and who is using them? Do you have visibility into your time-to-hire and quality of hire? How is your candidate experience in the agency hiring process? Is your team promptly reviewing the candidates? How fast are they responding to questions? Do the agencies highly rate their interactions and feedback with your talent acquisition professionals?

With RecruitiFi you have instant access to all metrics surrounding agency hiring, so you can improve your processes. This makes for better interactions, which means better agency relationships. This ultimately translates to your company getting better candidates faster from quality agencies.

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