Managing those pesky soliciting agencies

Agencies that solicit you and your hiring managers can be a real pest, and they just don’t stop. With RecruitiFi these problems not only entirely go away, we convert a liability into an asset.

Stop problems before they begin

Your TA team is likely buried in solicitations from agencies claiming to have the perfect candidate. Calls, emails, and resumes—many of which are fake—flood into your recruiters daily. As if that’s not bad enough, the real trouble starts when agencies reach out directly to hiring managers. Now you’ve got an offer going to a candidate represented by an agency that your company doesn’t even have on contract—a rogue hire. That can be a nightmare.

Simple, effective…solved

RecruitiFi gives you a discreet customizable link to put on your career page, allowing your TA team and hiring managers to direct all agencies to a single, easy-to-find location. This allows solicitors to apply to work on your roles through RecruitiFi. We deeply vet each agency application, and respond appropriately, so your team can completely remove the distraction of solicitors.

We vet for your benefit

As RecruitiFi thoroughly vets every agency, the unqualified solicitors are politely, but permanently sent away, and the best agency recruiters are available for your benefit. These agencies are highly qualified and bring new energy to your recruiting efforts, as they reach diverse pools of talent that your company would have otherwise missed. They can also provide a great cost savings, as all candidates are submitted at RecruitiFi’s discounted optimized community fee.

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