Take the guesswork out of which agencies to use for your roles

Sifting through a long list of agencies to assign them to your positions can be a challenge. Even figuring out who's on the list can be difficult and time-consuming! RecruitiFi solves your problem through a predictive matching algorithm that suggests the precise recruiters capable of filling your open roles.

Present success is based on past results

Your company likely has a long list of preferred agencies that has built up over the years. Some of your contacts at these agencies may not even be active, and the ones that are might not be any good. Finding the correct recruiter to fill an open role can be extremely time consuming. Who on your team knows which agency filled the last mid-level finance role in Taiwan two years ago? RecruitiFi knows!

The power of matching

RecruitiFi's finely tuned predictive matching algorithm suggests the exact recruiters you need to fill your open roles. We analyze the roles, industries, levels, and geographies, and match you with the precise recruiters who will know how to fill your position. We combine the power of your current agencies with targeted members of our agency community who know exactly what you're looking for, and will only present you with top tier candidates. You always have the power to manually override and choose your own agencies, but it's nice to know that you won't need to.

Robust scoring

Do you know which of your agency recruiters are objectively good? The sad truth is that most companies have no idea. Selecting which agency should be assigned to a particular role often comes down to which recruiter went to college with the hiring manager. Seeing comprehensive and unbiased scoring on these agencies may surprise you (and your hiring managers).

RecruitiFi scores every recruiter on the platform. Not only are they graded by candidates on a wide array of factors, but they are also scored based on how far their candidates are moving in your hiring process. The best recruiters continue to get more opportunities to work on your roles, while the ones who present unqualified candidates get fewer opportunities, and eventually stop getting matched to your roles entirely. So, the very act of scoring incentivizes agencies to present only their best talent, as the agencies know that scoring directly affects their bottom line.

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