Committed to diversity

Nurturing a marketplace based on diversity and inclusivity has always been a part of RecruitiFi's DNA. Accessing RecruitiFi's diverse marketplace allows you to extend your business opportunities to a pool of diverse suppliers, while augmenting your internal DEI initiatives through one of the best sources of diversity candidates—agency recruiting.

Agency search is the answer for diversity

It's been well documented that hiring through traditional sources like employee referrals tends to actively work against diversity goals. Your existing employees tend to refer candidates from their social circles, and if you already have challenges diversifying your workforce, this will only compound the problem. Not to mention that unconscious bias is prevalent in job descriptions and career pages throughout the industry, inadvertently highlighting non-inclusive language that you're not even aware of.

Third party recruiters at an agency experienced in working with diverse candidates can solve these problems. With access to unique pools of talent, agency recruiters can not only find the right candidates, they can present your company and roles in a more universally appealing manner. There's no substitute for a motivated search partner that understands the importance of creating a diverse workforce, and can provide positive third-party validation on your company's behalf in the minds of diverse candidates.

Agency supplier diversity

Every day, RecruitiFi provides opportunities for Employers to connect with thousands of Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE), Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB), and other economically disadvantaged businesses as subcontractors. This is a great opportunity to extend your business to a diverse pool of vendors, who represent traditionally disadvantaged groups, and can become the ideal ambassador for your company to diversity talent. Learn more about the diverse makeup of our community below:

  • 80% Small businesses
  • 51% M/WBE, VOSB, or HUBZone Certified businesses
  • 73% of individual recruiters represent an economically disadvantaged group

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