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Hiring hard-to-fill roles is a huge expense for every company. Having your TA team focus on these roles takes an incredible amount of time, creating a huge salary overhead. Not to mention that these roles disrupt the flow of other hires, which slows your time-to-hire across the board. Hiring through agencies comes with a hefty price tag as well. That's where RecruitiFi comes in!

Use this calculator to see how much a company of your size typically spends on their hard-to-fill roles. Compare some traditional sourcing methods to RecuitiFi and find out how much you could be saving each year!

Calculate the cost to hire your hard-to-fill roles

* Industry average based on tens of thousands of roles on RecruitiFi

Traditional cost of agencies
In the current market conditions, agency fees average 23.7% of first year salary, which is up almost 4% since 2020.
Savings through RecruitiFi Marketplace Optimized Fees
RecruitiFi's Marketplace places 50% of candidates using an Optimized Fee. This fee is typically a 2-5% discount to traditional agency fees depending on the country. For this calculation, we've used the U.S. discount of 3.7%.
Time-to-Fill Savings
RecruitiFi shaves 7 days off time to hire. A Harvard Busines School study found cost of vacant seats to be 3x salary for each role.
RecruitiFi Cost

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