RecruitiFi operates a cutting-edge Expert Referral System (ERS), the most advanced combination of technology and human expertise in the recruiting industry. Using complex algorithms to score thousands of expert agencies in our community (and your existing vendors), we match employers’ roles with a small group of top recruiters based on their prior success, industry experience, and location.

How does it work?

When sending out a job requisition—a JobCast—the Expert Referral System automatically generates a matching score to determine the ideal firms to search for your role. Our complex mathematical algorithms have created weighted scores for each recruiting firm in our Expert Referral System based on their prior success in every combination of industries, roles, locations, and experience levels.

Based on these scores, we confidentially provide your hiring opportunity to a select group of firms that has performed exceptionally well on similar roles in the past. This marriage of big data with our vetted, expert network ensures that we only invite top firms with direct experience and prior success in your roles.

As recruiters submit their top candidates, your feedback allows the ERS to learn and improve with every submission. Recruiters are scored in real time based on their level of success with your jobs. If they're submitting candidates that you consistently advance through the hiring stages, they're scored positively. If not, they’re quickly scored down and removed from future opportunities to place on your roles. The ERS quickly becomes more personalized for your positions as your company becomes more aligned with the agencies that are providing the best candidates for your roles.


In addition to our network of expert recruiters, you can increase the power of your personalized ERS by adding your existing recruiting vendors. Why spend time on quarterly vendor reviews, analyzing their success, bringing new recruiting firms through the procurement process? RecruitiFi’s ERS will score your firms based on the only metrics that quantitatively matter—how good their candidates are.

Whether you’re working through spreadsheets or a Vendor Management System (VMS), you still have to negotiate one-off contracts, deal with individual billing terms and issues, and actively manage the relationship with all of these vendors. RecruitiFi allows you to eliminate your extraneous contracts and billing relationships by operating under our standard terms and paying all your vendors through our single platform. All feedback and communications can also be done through the system, cutting back on unnecessary cycles of communication.

Ultimately, it’s a Vendor Management System without the management! Instead of investing your company’s time and effort into refreshing your stagnant VMS, you can use an ERS that automatically learns and grows with you.

The Benefits of ERS

RecruitiFi’s Expert Referral System has six main benefits:

  1. Cutting Costs - RecruitiFi’s ERS costs are extremely competitive with any third-party hiring solution on the market (See Pricing Page).

  2. Improved Quality - Candidates are all pre-screened, vetted, and interviewed by expert recruiters in your industry. These candidates can only be submitted if they meet your must-haves, and have personally signed off on their interest in the position, meaning you’re only presented qualified candidates who are eager to accept your position. Your feedback on the candidates not only scores recruiters for the future, it also helps them to learn exactly what you’re looking for, making your submissions better and better with every job you post. As a final measure of quality control, our account management hand-vets resumes to ensure that only quality candidates are making it to your dashboard.

  3. Decreasing Time to Hire - Companies that use our ERS significantly cut the time to meet the person they eventually hire. Reducing their time to meet top talent, a Big Four consulting company has used RecruitiFi to cut 8 days out of their hiring cycle. We dramatically reduce the cost of vacancy, saving companies millions of dollars in lost sales and billable hours.

  4. Eliminating Extraneous Effort - The ERS technology curates a crowd of experts so employers do not have to. Utilizing RecruitiFi eliminates the hassle of vendor searches, fee negotiations, and quarterly vendor evaluations. You can view detailed reports and metrics on any of our firms as well as just your existing recruiting vendors, but in all honesty--you won’t even need those reports. Our algorithms simply learn who is best for your roles and provide them with additional opportunities over time.

  5. Cutting Cycles of Communication - With each new recruiting relationship comes the necessity to manage that relationship. RecruitiFi streamlines that by allowing you to give feedback directly through the platform and eliminate unnecessary back and forth. The RecruitiFi account management team can also act as your liaison to the community, allowing for more detailed requests and feedback to be disseminated without having to contact multiple vendors. If you’re more confident speaking directly to the community, we offer the ability to do quick one-way conference calls where details can be confidentially sent to the firms working on your requisition. This way, you can personally communicate the specifics of your jobs without it being an all-day affair.

  6. Cutting Contracts - RecruitiFi acts as the sole vendor of record, allowing you to gain the power and resources of many recruiting firms with only one contract, and one payment account.

Utilizing best-in-class technology, a vetted network of experts, and a consultative account management approach, our seamless workflow provides a selection of ideal candidates for every position in a fraction of the time, cost, and effort of traditional hiring methods.