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Access Matched Jobs

  • No sales and business development effort.
  • No contracts to negotiate.
  • Fill jobs matched to your expertise.

Manage Placements

  • Streamlined workflow to submit and manage candidates.
  • Automated status updates for each candidate.
  • Robust real-time reports.
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Effective Communication

  • Detailed requirements for each job requisition.
  • Prompt, constructive employer feedback on each candidate.
  • Inline chat with employers.

Automated Administration

  • A single contract with favorable terms, including a 60-day guarantee period.
  • Automated billing and collection with prompt payouts.
  • Continuous Internet bot monitoring of backdoor hires.

The Most Effective Way to Place Candidates

Skip sales and procurement to place more candidates more easily.

Expand Your Business

Expand Your Business

Business development and contract negotiation can consume half of an agency recruiter’s time, and it can take years to become an approved vendor at a top company. Furthermore, sales and business development is a very different skill than sourcing and placing great candidates. This requires agencies to wear two hats, which is very difficult and very time-consuming.

As a member of the RecruitiFi, agencies gain instant access to relevant, ready-to-fill jobs from hundreds of top companies. There is no need to solicit or sell the client and, with one set of online terms, there is no contract to negotiate. This enables agencies to expand their business by focusing on sourcing, vetting and submitting the best candidates for great job opportunities.

Agencies, who are focused on relevant repeat roles, are 4x more likely to make a placement and those placements are made an average of 10 days faster. With more time and more focus agencies develop their expertise and are better able to understand the hiring company’s culture and positions. Furthermore, with renewed focus, agencies can discover new pools of talent and develop deep and lasting relationships with the top passive candidates--the kinds of candidates who will ultimately be hired.

This all translates into more and faster placements, which means more money more quickly for you.

Skip Procurement

Skip Procurement

Selling and securing new business is an enormous effort. Agencies can literally spend years selling an account, and even when they win the business they still need to go through the company’s procurement process. This can be an arduous, costly and very time-consuming process, and sometimes they block agency. Negotiation is their expertise, and they are in no rush. With RecruitiFi you will never deal with a client’s procurement process ever again.

When you join the RecruitiFi platform you agree to a single set of terms that govern all users. These terms are easy to understand and fair and favorable to you, and that is why 15K agencies and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies have agreed to them.

Skipping procurement saves you, and the client, time and aggravation. With more time and less aggravation, you can better serve the client. As will all agencies, all employers, who use RecruitiFi, agree to the same set of online terms. Since every job opening from every employer, on the RecruitiFi platform, is governed by the same set of terms your work is more focused and much easier.

Favorable Terms

Favorable Terms

Agencies want to negotiate the best terms possible with each client. However, this takes lots of time, effort and aggravation. Ultimately, they end up with multiple client contracts all with different terms, which is hard to manage and hard to keep track of.

Furthermore, hiring companies often have professional procurement departments where it is their job and expertise to negotiate. You are in a rush to negotiate and start making placements. Procurement departments are working on many things and usually, they are not in a rush.

The RecruitiFi platform gives you the advantage. It provides a simplified single set of online terms which are fair and better for both companies and agencies. Guarantee periods are a mere 60 days and ownership is a full 180 days. Furthermore, with RecruitiFi you outsource the monitoring and enforcement of all terms to us. As a specialized organization, with substantial online and offline resources, RecruitiFi is optimized to ensure all clients adhere to the terms.

With less hassle, more focus and better ownership and guarantee terms, agencies on RecruitiFi see their overall earnings grow by over 25%.

Automated Collections & Payouts

Automated Collections & Payouts

Billing clients and collecting fees is a huge hassle and takes up a lot of time. As one of many vendors, typically you are not the top priority of a client’s accounts payable department.

With RecruitiFi you completely eliminate this work and distraction. RecruitiFi is the single vendor for all agency hiring for all its clients. As such, RecruitiFi can negotiate, enforce and process better and more timely payment terms.

Furthermore, working with the best in class payment processors, RecruitiFi automates the payout process in 17 currencies in over 70 countries. As such, with no effort you on your part you get paid as quickly as possible in the currency of your choice. There are no fees on payouts in the United States, and only a 0.6% fee, on average, on international payouts and currency conversion.

The RecruitiFi platform eliminates work and gives you real-time visibility when hires are made and when you will get paid. This saves you time and aggravation, which gives you the peace of mind to focus and be more effective.

Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications

Getting detailed and constructive client feedback on candidates submitted is essential to a successful agency engagement with a client and a candidate.

Where does my candidate stand? Why was my candidate not hired? What more could they have done to earn an interview? Too often these types of questions go unanswered as candidates’ applications end up in the dreaded “Resume Black Hole.” RecruitiFi eliminates this issue by consolidating and automating communications in a way that requires rapid and robust client feedback for each and every candidate.

Getting prompt, honest and constructive feedback enables you to develop and maintain a positive relationship with your candidates. It also saves everyone a lot of time and hassle; and most importantly, it helps you, as an expert agency, better understand the requirements of the roles, focus your efforts and make more placements.

RecruitiFi ensures that all clients give timely feedback to agencies for each and every candidate. We want you, and the candidate, to have a great experience. RecruitiFi values and ensures that there is transparency and constructive feedback in the employer/agency/candidate relationship, and this helps you make as many placements as possible.

Monetize Your Inventory

Monetize Your Inventory

Agencies work very hard sourcing, vetting and prepping candidates for a particular role. However, there are a lot of potential candidates and there is a lot of competition for each open position. Too often, after all their work sourcing, vetting and prepping great candidates, the candidate doesn't get the job.

Like any competition, many times candidates come close to being hired but wind up finishing second. As you know, in recruiting, second place means lots of work and no fee! Over time these losses compound as agencies develop relationships with hundreds, if not thousands, of great candidates who come in second.

With RecruitiFi, the platform will leverage data to automatically and quickly match you to similar, if not identical, roles at other top companies. Swift matching to similar roles enables you to submit great candidates, who you already did the work sourcing and who you know are ready to make a move. By matching you to similar roles, you can focus your expertise and quickly and easily submit your great “second-place” candidates to other open positions. The result is you deliver for more companies and more candidates, and this enables you to better monetize your work effort and make more money!

Matched Job Recommendations

Matched Job Recommendations

RecruitiFi provides agencies with targeted job requisitions that are aligned with their exact experience and skills. Agency recruiters no longer need to sift through job boards and make endless cold calls in order to secure new business and relevant job requisitions.

RecruitiFi instantly matches you to open, ready-to-fill positions without any effort on your part.

On RecruitiFi you indicate the roles, industries, experience levels, and geographies in which you specialize. This enables RecruitiFi, with its proprietary algorithm, to match you to job requisitions that align perfectly with your particular expertise. If you have specific expertise that you want to focus on, you can do so on RecruitiFi.

RecruitiFi is the most efficient placement and hiring platform for everyone involved. You don’t have to sort through lots of job openings to find the right one for you. Furthermore, you won’t waste time trying to source for roles that are not aligned with your expertise. On RecruitiFi’s you will be effortlessly matched to open roles that align with your focus and expertise, which makes the process of getting your candidates hired faster and easier.

Monitoring Back-door Hires

Monitoring Back-door Hires

Building relationships with hundreds, if not thousands of candidates is a full-time job in and of itself. Tracking each and every career move of those candidates is a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. After submitting a candidate to an employer often can’t monitor whether their candidate ever gets hired via a “back-door hire.” Whether done so intentionally or not they occasionally do happen, and even one unnoticed back-door hire is a huge loss of revenue for an agency. It has been said that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” well in this case that is certainly not true.

On RecruitiFi you never have to worry about tracking, collecting or getting paid on back-door hires. RecruitiFi uses a proprietary, automated Internet bot to continuously scan for hires that were not confirmed by the client. Once you successfully submit a candidate into the RecruitiFi system you have ownership of that candidate for 180 days. If that candidate is hired at any point during that time, we will find out about it, collect the fees, and make sure you are paid promptly.

Work with your clients and candidates through the hiring process, and then sit back and rest easy. RecruitiFi handles all back-door hire checking and resolves any issues that may arise. When a back-door hire is found, you are immediately notified and your fee is automatically paid.


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